Absolutely awesome guy. Never have I walked in there that he hasnt welcomed me with a hello and a handshake even though I didnt buy my first harley from you. I have since traded that one and bought a new road glide from Shaun. Great guy. The majority of the others though are nice they dont seem to overly polite or concerned about anyone. I hot the speech when I bought my road glide that I was a family member now and when I go in there no one acts as they remember me nor really seem to care of I'm there or not. Now granted I dont really give off the impression that I'm your stereotypical rider, but I dont feel that is any reason to treat me me any different than anyone else. I have gone in there several times and been in there for 20 mins vm or so without anyone other than Shaun acknowledging I'm even there. I tried to order a lowering kit at one point and stood at the counter for over 20 mins before anyone offered to help. I left and came back another time and spoke to the parts guy that uses a cane and he was very nice and helpful. All this is just my opinion and it wont affect my shopping there being that you are the only local harley shop (Employee: Shaun Gruner)
Dale Trimble
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