I just purchased a 2017 Heritage Classic and was blown away by the service I received! I walked into the store, completely new to the riding experience. Anna took her time pointing out the different styles of bikes and giving me a ton of info about the lifestyle including the safe rider courses. She eventually helped me find just the right bike for me and didnt try to up sell or make me buy something I didnt want. Charles made the financing process a breeze and was very thorough in going through the paperwork. They both too, me around and introduced me to just about everyone in the store! What was so cool is that they all said welcome to the family, and were sincere about it. Next, Baleigh helped me select the proper safety gear (and goodies) and made this old guy look fairly good. She didnt try to push me into buying anything I didnt need or want. She even reminded me to get something for my awesome wife, for letting me get the bike! Joe helped me select a few parts I needed to complete my bike (for now) and made sure I was good to go. I will recommend Buds to everyone! (Employee: Anna Hulfachor, Baleigh Littrell, Charles Partain, Joe Madej)
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Kurt Behme
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